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Friday, January 20, 2006

I Gave Up Cannabis

Anonymous said...

This new year I gave up cannabis. I had a pretty heavyweight habit which grew over a period of 16 years into a 2g a day addiction. My partner and I want to have a baby and had heard that cannabis can effect sperm motility. Also recently I would have coughing fits when smoking my bong. The combination of these two points is what has motivated me to quit. But the truth is I love cannabis and don't want to give it up. I have suffered from reactive depression in the past, often brought on by anxiety. I believe that cannabis has been really helpful as a stress management tool. I have been going through the usual symptoms of withdrawal, sweats at night, short and fitful sleep, overtiredness, clammy hands and feet, being easily wound up by nothing much at all, loss of appetite. These are hard enough to deal with. But I'm also worried that if I stop smoking cannabis, I will start worrying and stressing. I know this could well end up being a self fulfilling prophesy. My freinds all give me rational advice in support. But when I'm feeling like this I don't care about the rationale of giving up which I am all too familier with. I just want to feel relaxed and comfortable. I want a space in my day when I can unwind and switch off like I could with cannabis. I could so easily pick up the phone and go get another oz of the smelly stuff. I don't really know what my question is but I am finding this all sooo hard.

This problem has now been answered by Linda on the main site.


Anonymous 33 & 1/3 yrs old said...

Seems to me like there's a couple of almost separate issues here.

Firstly, if there's a concern about underlying depression / anxiety etc then checking in with yr GP might be a good call - they will likely have some suggestions in terms of a counsellor or whatever to help out.

On the subject of toking - I'm of the opinion that less is more. Terrence McKenna says once a week is optimum for most people. It might be that yr GP supports greater use to help with depression/anxiety - there is some research to suggest it can be beneficial & there's medical marijuana support groups too.

If it's just more recreational use then my call would be to shift to using less, enjoying it more as a real treat rather than a daily habit.

I drank a lot of booze for a while and gave up completely a year or so ago. Using in moderation wasn't an option for me - I sussed out I drank to get drunk. Unexpectedly, the hardest part was that it felt a bit like a threat to my identity - didn't want to be seen as boring teetotaller. Dunno if being a stoner has become part of who you are & may not be that stopping completely is what you decide on.

Anyway, Good Work on taking a break and rethinking it all.

11:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support 33 1/3.

I am continuing with the abstinance and feel I have a turned a corner. The withdrawels are easier to deal with.

My reference to depression was not anything to do with my current state of mind. I'm not depressed at all and life in general is great. And the last time I went to my GP for depression I was in crisis and the best he could offer me in the way of counciling was a 6 month waiting list, which seemed like several lifetimes at the time. He ended up putting me on prozac which helped me get over a hump but wasn't a solution. In the end I went to the US to stay with a dear friend for a few months and the change of scene and inability to renew my perscription sorted me out.

I think I developed the stress management idea as a justification for my continued use of cannabis. Nevertheless I am finding myself almost daily in the foulest of moods. Just losing it very quickly if anything isn't going my way. I was a teenager before I started using regularly. The boy I used to be before cannabis was very short tempered and would often get into trouble as a result. When I started using cannabis I calmed down and became the laid back guy I wanted to be. So in this sense cannabis became a part of who I am. But being seen as a stoner is not important to me. Now with the moods and fits of rage I am going through I fear I am returning to the short tempered little twat I was as a teen. I guess time will tell.

I don't know if I could return to moderate use. I smoked to get stoned. A spliff just wouldn't touch the sides. My evenings often started with me smoking 2 or 3 bongs in the first hour to get me up there, then topping up for the rest of the evening. I like the idea of being able to do it just on a saturday night say, or at festivals or on holiday. But it might well be all or nothing with me.

Funny you should mention Terence McKenna, I have been a fan of his ideas for about 15yrs. I think what I need may well be a psychedelic healing. Anyone know of any Ayauascha ceremonies happening in London?

Again thanks for you support. All and any comment are welcome.

5:56 pm  
Blogger Clare said...

Linda is writing an answer for this one to go on the main site.

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